Team Lists (Mini Roos)

MiniRoos Team Lists 2017

Teams may have changed from last year because:

  • not all players have re-registered to play in 2017
  • requests have been made to move teams
  • you have moved into the next age group which plays with more players on the field
  • new players have joined the club

This is a great opportunity to teach resiliance and meet some great new people who may become your next best friend.


Click below to view Senior Teams Lists or Junior Team Lists (U12 - 17)

Senior Team Lists      Junior Team Lists (U12 - 17)

UNDER 6 Viduka's

Congratulations the BWFC U6 Viduka’s is your team in 2017.  Mark Viduka made his Australian national debut in 1994 and captained the Socceroos at the 2006 FIFA World Cup.  He holds the record for most goals by an Australian in the UEFA Champions League . He has played for clubs in Croatia, Scotland & England.  Hit the back of the net like Mark Viduka!

Team List

S Lovett
J Roche
R Scott
T Stephens
K Teeney
C Turton


UNDER 6 Ronaldo's

Congratulations you are part of the BWFC U6 Ronaldo’s in 2017 named after ” The Best FIFA Men’s player 2016”.  Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and is captain of Portugal’s national team.  Work hard on your skills and speed to be like Cristiano Ronaldo!

Team List

O Bengtsson
B Kernaghan
O Nunn
T Probert
H Stafford
S Tinnock
H Wilson



UNDER 6 Farina's

Congratulations  the BWFC U6 Farina’s is your team in 2017.  Frank Farina grew up in Cairns, QLD and became a Socceroos in 1984 .  He is Australia’s first million dollar player and was the first Australian player to play in the Italian Serie A.  Work on your first touch to be like Frank!

Team List

Z Bateup
C Miller
T Read
C Thomas
M Walker
C Young

U6 Beckham's

Congratulations you are part of the BWFC U6 Beckham’s in 2017.  One of the most famous footballers of recent times, David Beckham made his English debut at the age of 21 in 1996. He retired in 2013 after 20 years of professional football played in four countries – England, Spain, USA & France.  Bend it like Beckham to score a goal!

Team List

T Borwick
L Dale
Z Higgs
F Kerr
H Martin
J Munk


U7 Mooy's

Congratulations the BWFC U7 Mooy’s is your team in 2017.  Aaron Mooy is currently playing  overseas for Huddersfield Town in the English Football League Championship on loan from Manchester City.  Mooy has made 10 appearances for the Young Socceroos and made his Socceroos debut in 2012.  Move like Mooy to be a success!

Team List

J Butterworth
C Catford
F Harrison
P Jackson
J Pescod
A Vrolijks

U7 Kewell's

Congratulations you are part of the BWFC U7 Kewells in 2017.  Harry Kewell was an Australian Socceroo from 1996-2012. He became the youngest player to debut for the Australian National Team at the age of 17.  Due to his English heritage he has played for Leeds Utd and Liverpool FC.     Be cool like Kewell!

Team List

L Adams
S Dixon
H Egan
M Littleton
L Moore
O Moore
B Whyte

U7 Kane's

Congratulations the BWFC U7 Kane's is your team in 2017.  Harry Kane is a striker for Tottenham Hotspur and the English national team. He is a prolific scorer being awarded the top scorer in the 2015-2016 season of the English Premier League.  Work hard at your soccer skills like Harry Kane!

Team List

R Edwards
A McLean
K McMurray
A Paul
O Ramsay
D Robertson

U7 Jackson's

Congratulations the BWFC U10 Jackson’s is your team in 2017.  Your team is named after Buderim’s own Lachlan Jackson who played his junior football at BWFC.  Lachlan has played at  Brisbane Roar and currently plays as a central defender at the Newcastle Jets in the A –League.

Be the last line of defence for your team like Jackson!

Team List

M Elmore
N Garthon
L Johnstone
J Lovett
S McKewin
B Rees


U7 Aloisi's

Congratulations you are part of the BWFC U7 Aloisi’s in 2017.  John Aloisi is currently the manager of our own A League team the Brisbane Roar.  Before coaching however John’s playing career spanned 20 years being part of the Socceroos for over 10 years and the first Australian player to play & score in the Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A. Position yourself like John Aloisi to score a goal!

Team List

H Kussrow
B Mattiazzi
D McInerney
A Myers
H Oleksuk
W Potts
M Tinnock

U7 Berisha's

Congratulations the BWFC U7 Berisha’s is your team in 2017.  Besart Berisha currently players for Melbourne Victory in the A League.  His heritage is Albanian and  he has played for German teams before coming to Australia in 2011 to play for the Brisbane Roar. Wear your heart on your sleeve  like Besart Berisha!

Team List

S Bateup
S Borwick
C Hedges
T McKnight
H Robinson
L Tesoriero
S White

U8 Neymar's

Congratulations the BWFC U8 Neymar’s is your team in 2017. Neymar is a famous Brazilian player who plays for FC Barcelona.  At the age of 20 in 2012 Neymar was awarded South Americas Best Player and had already scored 100 professional goals.

Work on your dribbling and use both feet like Neymar!

Team List

L Brown
H Darr
J Hoad
L Marshall
M Sanders
E Shahar
D Williams
J Wilson
B Young


U8 Leckie's

Congratulations the BWFC U8 Leckie’s is your team in 2017.  Mathew Leckie made his A-League debut in 2009 for Adelaide  United. Since that time he has played  for the Socceroos and  German teams including Ingolstadt where he currently plays . Score a goal like Leckie!

Team List

J Ahlert
L Booth
A Bowers
S Buntrock
A Eckerman
L Fisher
F Gerlitz-Mohr
A Kjaer
J Zsadony


U8 Cahill's

Congratulations you are part of the BWFC U8 Cahill’s in 2017.  Tim Cahills currently plays for Melbourne  City in the A-league.  His currently holds the  title of the Socceroos all time leading goal scorer.  Cahill has played in England, America and China before heading home. 

Team List

E Ardron
B Bengtsson
S Kernaghan
J Lewis
J Stafford
H Troyahn
J Wilson
Z Wilson




U8 Baggio's

Congratulations you are part of the BWFC U8 Baggios in 2017.  Your team is named after the famous Italian player Robeto Baggio.  Roberto is regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time and was named in the FIFA World Cup Dream Team in 2002.  He is renowned for his curling free kicks.

Be a creative player like Roberto Baggio!

Team List

I Amodeo
I Amodeo
S Gornall
K Gripske
H Jaques
D MacDonald
L Marshall
T Milton



Congratulations you are part of the BWFC U9 Sanchez’s in 2017.  Alexis Sanchez is a talented Chilean  player who currently plays as a striker for Arsenal in the English Premier League.  Alexis has also played in two World Cups 2010 & 2014 for his national team.

Never give up to score a goal like Sanchez!

Be the last line of defence for your team like Jackson!

Team List

J Brown
S Bycroft
J Connolly
C Cromar
R Egan
T Murphy
C Watson


Congratulations the BWFC U9 Rooney's is your team in 2017.

Wayne Rooney holds the title of the highest goal scorer for Mancester United and the English national team. He made his international debut in 2003 at the age of 17 - the youngest player to represent England at that time.

Be a lethal striker like Rooney!

Team List

N Beagley
J Blake
M Byrne
T Reekers
P Ron
H Rusich
C Smith
R Teeney


Congratulations the BWFC U9 Del Piero’s is your team in 2017. Alessandro is a famous Italian footballer and is regarded as one of the best Italian players of all time.  Alessandro came to play in Australia in 2012 to 2014 for Sydney FC.  He regarded as a technically gift and creative player.

To be like Del Piero work on your free kicks!

Team List

R Carpenter
F Darrant
F Jackson
C McAuley
N Meiklejohn
J Stephens
F Treacy
S Young

U9 Kruse's

Congatulations you are part of the BWFC U9 Cruz’s in 2017.  Robbie Kruse is one of our national players and currently plays in the Chinese super league.  He played his junior football at Albany Creek in Brisbane and then played for Brisbane Roar & Melbourne Victory before moving to Germany to play.

Team List

I Barr
Z Dullahide
R Farrelly
B Harrison
F McKnight
S Muller
C Rickard
J Robertson
L Woodburn



Congratulations you are part of this great team in 2017 named after one of our legendary life members Simon Clark- Gowans.  Simon joined BWFC in 2003 and played in the Premier Mens first grade team for 3 years.  From there  Simon played in Reserves, 3rd & 4th Division and is now a super stiker for one of the Over 35 teams at BWFC.  He has also been a junior coach and still volunteers a large amount of his time to the club.

Team List

B Butler
S Catford
E Drew
A Howe
A Imeri
C Jones
J Kapolos
Z McCusker
A Moore
J Shepherd
J Underwood
H White


Congratulations you are part of the BWFC U10 Blewers  in 2017.  Gary Blewer is one of BWFC great players.  He is known for his ability  as a central midfielder.  Gary was voted as BWFC 90’s Player of the Decade.…..

Work on your fitness to be able to play like Gary Blewer! 

Team List

A Boldt
J Buchanan
L Carter
L Cullinan
T Lippey
C McMurray
R McPhail
A Potts
Z Pyner
Z Sahihi
J Schachter
W Simpson
J Thevenau



Congratulations the BWFC Meredith’s is your team in 2017.  Your team is named after Nick Meredith a BWFC junior player who went on to play 230 games for the National Soccer League – the League which was replaced by the A-League of today.  He was voted BWFC 80’s Player of the Decade.  He now is a football commentator on Fox Sports.

Win the ball like Nick Meredith!

Team List

C Bernard
K David
E Gannon
J Harper
M Hondroudakis
M Liau
K Marshall
R McCubbin
T O'May
C Treacy
R Young



Congratulations you are part of this great team in 2017 named after one of our legendary life member families at BWFC.   The DeCourcy’s are an integral part of what makes BWFC such a great family community club.  Brigitte & Brian joined the club in 1985 and along with their children Keegan & Nikita have filled many roles at the club from player, coach, manager, referee, events co-ordinator and volunteer. Always there to lend a hand they are a true example of what it means to have club spirit. 

Team List

J Byrne
A Causon
M Collicoat
J Courtney
T Crew
T Gallop
R House
L Martin
F Neven
J Nisbet
P Rusich
L Webster



U11/2 BALE'S

Congratulations you are part of the BWFC U11 Bale’s in 2017.  Gareth Bale is a great Welsh player who currently plays for his national team and Spanish power house club Real Madrid.  He is known for his speed and the ability to strike the ball from distance.

Work on your strength to be like Gareth!

Team List

K Boyce
A Chumbley
A D'Arcy
C Dyke
M Murphy
H Paterson
S Potts
N Price
D Probert
T Wells
C Young
M Zanos