Technical Development Program

BWFC MiniRoos Performance Academy

Open to registered BWFC players in the U8 to U11 age groups



What is the BWFC MiniRoos Performance Academy?

This is an academy being run by Buderim Wanderers Football Club for MiniRoos players in U8s through to U11s. Places will be limited so early sign ups are essential. This academy is unlike any current offering and the key components of it are outlined below.

The academy will offer participating players an additional training session per week on top of their normal team training commitments. This is consistent with Football Federation Australia guidelines on the development of players. While the academy is open to all BWFC players it is aimed at the more advanced players in each age group, who wish to reach the highest levels of football possible.

There will be a cost to participate in each term as outlined on the registration form.


Aims of Performance Academy

  • To develop fundamental and team based skills in all players
  • To improve players all round mental, technical and physical game skills
  • To establish graded training groups based on ability
  • To select and establish an academy side that will play in friendlies and tournaments to further develop their skills



The academy will be based on the following key points that every player must have at the centre of everything they do in the academy.





Real game speed

Drive forward



Throughout training sessions all players will be coached and evaluated in the following areas:

  • Technique – All players must have the ability to control, dribble, pass, head, tackle and shoot the ball. They must also be able to put these skills in to practice in 1v1 and small sided games
  • Game Intelligence – All players will be expected to constantly be aware of their surroundings, understand positional requirements and think ahead
  • Personality – All players must be coachable, able to communicate with coaches and players, show flair and work in a disciplined manner
  • Fitness – All players will work on every aspect of their fitness to aid their overall technical and game play development


Players will undertake a variety of drills in each session to aid them in the development of all of the above areas.



All players attending the academy will be required to do the following:


  • Attend each session and notify the coach if they are sick and unable to attend
  • Give maximum attention and effort in each session
  • Perform homework given to them each week
  • If selected for the academy team – to be available to play in friendlies and tournaments as required.
  • Follow all instructions - no poor behaviour will be accepted and if after a warning players continue to not follow instructions they will be asked to sit out the training session.
  • It is also highly recommended that they be one of the more advanced players in their age group as the drills undertaken will be of a higher level.


How do we register for the academy?

To be eligible the player needs to be a currently registered BWFC player, the relevant age and have paid their academy fee upfront.

Acceptance of FFA registered players from outside the club that meet all other conditions of participation is at the absolute discretion of the Head of Academy in conjunction with the BWFC Football Committee. As is the refusal of player registration where it is believed the player’s participation is not in the best interests of the academy. 

What is the policy on late enrolment, wet weather and refunds?

Where wet weather is experienced and training is not possible at the club grounds, the academy coaching staff will use best endeavours to make other arrangements or schedule a catch up session. Otherwise there will be no refunds for cancelled sessions due to wet weather.

Players can be enrolled during an academy term but must pay the full cost of the term. There will be no refunds for players withdrawing from the academy, players who are asked to leave due to poor behaviour or who are unavailable for sessions for whatever reason.

Who are the coaches?

The Head of Academy is Dave Sanders who has extensive playing and coaching experience in the UK and Overseas – including working with premier league academy teams. Dave will be supported by a team of coaches with a range of experience.


How do I register?

To register follow the steps below:


  1. Complete your Buderim Wanderers registration for 2018 for your age group via


  1. Come into the club and fill out a Academy application form and pay for your 2018 Academy fees.


How do I obtain further information?