Wet Weather / Field Status

Last Updated 12:49pm Wed 04/10/2017 - FIELD 2 OPEN FOR SAP TRIALS ONLY. ALL OTHER FIELDS CLOSED. Please monitor Facebook pages for Trials information
  • FIELD 2 OPEN for SAP trials only
  • FIELD 4,5 & 6 CLOSED
  • FIELD 7,8,9 & 10 CLOSED

Important Note - Field Maintenance

Fields 1 is to be used for games only and is closed for training. Please stay off field 1 until further notice.

Wet Weather Protocol

Please be advised that after any rain at the fields and the fields become reopened, please stay out of wet areas and goalmouths for the benefit of the whole club. The goals are portable in nature so can be moved to an area away from the main fields.

In the event of wet weather, at least two club representatives will have the final decision on ground closure.

Friday night fixtures are decided by 2pm. For Saturday morning junior fixtures a decision will be made no later than 7am,  Senior fixtures by 12pm.

Once the decision is made it will be posted on the Sunshine Coast Football website as soon as possible. Please do not call the Sunshine Coast Football office. All ground closures will be posted on their website as soon as the information comes to hand.