2019 Volunteer Levy

Volunteer Levy System – Terms and Conditions

This year BWFC have introduced a $50.00 per year per player Volunteer Levy (referred to hereafter as the “Levy”). The Levy was introduced to encourage more involvement by members in the day-to-day running and activities required for the continued success of our club. Money raised by the Levy is not used to fund club expenses – in a perfect world, every family will volunteer, and every family will have the Levy refunded at the end of the season. The levy is paid in addition to any player registration fees that may apply. An application for registration of a player will not be processed until all fees, including the Levy, have been received. Each registering individual will only pay the Levy once per year. Some families find it hard to contribute their time and if they are unable or choose not to contribute their time then the $50.00 will be retained by the club.

Refunds must be collected by the 1st September 2019 or they will be forfeited. Funds not reimbursed will be used in ways to lighten the load of the volunteer group.

How do I qualify for a refund of the Levy?

The Volunteer Levy will work by way of a points system, each individual will need to achieve 50 points, each family with 2 or more children will be required to reach 70 points. Once you have achieved your points over the season you will get a refund of the levy to the value of $50 per individual player

Each piece of volunteer work will be worth a certain number of points as outlined below:

Team Coach   50 points

Team Manager   50 points

Fundraising Event Organiser   (organise and run 1 event)    50 points

Working Bee (2.5 hours required)  10  points

Canteen Assistant (1 x 3 hour shift)  10 points

Coffee Shop Assistant (1x3 hour shift) 10 points

Whipper Snipper fields  20 points

Line Marking  10 points

Mowing of Fields  20 points

Selling 1 box of chocolates 5 points

Assist with the operation of Junior Carnivals  20 points


Administering  the Levy

Each team will be allocated a date and time to assist in the canteen, via their team Manager. Team Managers will also be advised of upcoming musters or carnivals and will assist you in contacting the Volunteer Levy Co-ordinators.  Working Bees will be advertised on our social media pages and attendance will be recorded. If you would like to assist via organising a fund raising event, whippersnippering, line marking or mowing, please contact the Volunteer Levy Co-ordinator listed below. 

Due to the administrative complexity, partial refunds will not apply where a person has generated less than the required amount of points.




PH: 0438 778 974

EMAIL: treasurer@bwfc.com.au